What Really Is Hardboard Siding?

If you wonder what really is hardboard siding, you have come to the right place. Hardboard siding is synthetically constructed with wood fibers, glues, and resins. The materials are usually bound together using heat and pressure during the manufacturing process. Hardboard siding is also known as pressboard siding and is one of the most popular home siding products on the market today. This article provides information on some of the many advantages of hardboard siding.

Hardboard siding is unique, durable, and comes in several designs and sizes for you to choose from. With proper care and maintenance, the product will last for a long time. Unlike original wood siding, you won’t find any limitation in the size of hardboard siding. Larger panels are available for cheaper prices. You can choose from several finishes and looks to suit the architecture of your home. There is also unfinished hardboard siding where you have the option of staining or painting the siding to suit your needs.

Hardboard siding is eco-friendly compared to original wood or metal siding. Metal and original wood siding require the use of natural resources while hardboard siding is an artificial recyclable product made from wood fibers and glue. Hardboard siding is inexpensive compared to metal or original wood siding. It can withstand adverse weather conditions as long as the protective finish is intact. With regular inspection and some preventive maintenance on your part, hardboard siding will last for many years to come. That is why you need to invest in hardboard siding for your home.

Hardboard siding is quite similar to real wood in its appearance. Only an experienced eye could make the difference between the two. The texture and grain of the hardboard imitate the looks of real wood. In fact, you are getting the looks and durability of real wood siding at a much lower price when you invest in hardboard siding. The product is uniform in weight and density. It is easy to install and requires less labor. You can easily save money in the installation process when you opt for hardboard siding for your home.

A little maintenance of your part can help prolong the lifespan of hardboard siding. Inspect the siding for cracked paint, missing sealant, holes, and loose nails. These are aging problems that can lead to moisture penetration and water problems in the board over time. The siding should be installed at least six inches above the ground to prevent it from absorbing water. Make sure that vegetation and vines don’t touch or attach to the board to prolong its lifespan. On the other hand, downspouts and drain pipes should carry water to a point that is at least six feet away from the siding. When cleaning hardboard siding, don’t use power washers to wash the board. Water pressure exceeding 200 mph can easily split and crack the siding. Making prompt repairs is also important to prolong the lifespan of hardboard siding.

The aforementioned article provides information on some of the many advantages of hardboard siding.

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